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Aflex Nitrile Rubber

Class 1 Nitrile Insulation Sheet/ Tubes

A-flex is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed-cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber. ALP-A-flex is produced in pre- formed sheets and pipe sections. These products meet insulation requirements in diverse fields such as the automobile, air conditioning & refrigeration industry, construction segment, hospitals, pharma industries, hotels and cold storage industries.

Product Features
  • Completely closed cell elastomeric nitrile insulation
  • Quick and easy to install with no special tools.
  • Flexible, durable and easy to handle.
  • Excellent compression strength due to closed cell structure.
  • Contains no chlorinated or dangerous substance.
  • Superior thermal insulation properties over other open or closed cell insulation material due to high water vapour resistance property of nitrile rubber.
  • Very high diffusion resistance and no cladding required if installed inside.
  • Class 1 fire safety as per BS 476 part 7.

Class 0 Nitrile Insulation Sheet/ Tubes also Available

Size availability
  • 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm wall thickness to fit all standard copper and iron pipes diameters from 6.4mm ( ¼”) to 108mm (4 ¼").
  • Other size available on request.
  • Tube length : 1.83 meters ( 6 ft ).
  • Available in special sizes and long coils on request.


Product Characteristics

Accosound is a blended elastromeric nitrile rubber acoustic absorber having open cell structure with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad range of frequencies.

The high density provides an effective barrier to sound transmission.

The elastic properties helps to dampen the structure-borne noise transmission.


Effective noise control and thermal insulation Dust and Fiber Free

Resistant to Mineral Oil, Organic Solvents and Dilute Inorganic Acids & Bases.


The shaping, thickness and positioning of the material is of major importance to achieve an optimal noise-absorption effect.

It can be used for noise control in a Wide range of industrial fields.

Please contact us for feasibility of manufacturing of customized material sizes.

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